Learn About Workplace Health and Safety Courses

Reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace with our health & safety courses. At AFW Training we educate both employees and management teams so understanding is consistent across your business. All of our courses are Qualsafe Award accredited. We will work to your unique objectives and devise a training course to suit your exact requirements.

Level 2 Health & Safety In The Workplace

This course is a one-day training session for entry level management, whilst being informative to all staff members. This course covers the following topics:

(It should be noted that this will not cover any legal requirement for specific training in some areas)

  • Roles & responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Heath& Safety laws including:
    • Penalties for non-compliance
    • Training and competence in the workplace
    • Communicating health & safety information
  • Risk assessment and risk control hierarchy.
  • Identifying and controlling risks from common workplace hazards:
    • Slips, trips, and falls
    • Manual handling
    • Fire safety
    • Working from height
    • Electricity
    • Hazardous substances
    • Workplace conditions
    • Ergonomics
    • Equipment
    • Noise & vibration
    • Transport & vehicles
    • Smoking, alcohol, and drugs
    • Stress
  • Procedures for responding to accidents and incidents
  • Recording incidents, accidents, and ill health

Assessment is in the form of a multiple-choice question paper. It is recommended that this course is undertaken every 3 years to keep current with legislation.

Level 2 Safe Moving & Handling

This training course is designed for staff members who have any moving or handling responsibilities within their working day. This Qualsafe Awards accredited Moving & Handling course will equip them with the knowledge to minimise the risk of injury to themselves or others. The course will cover:

  • Common manhandling injuries
  • Manual handling laws
  • Responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Risk assessments
  • Safe movement principles associated with manual handling, including the bodies:
    • Musculoskeletal system
    • Centre of gravity
    • Lever system
  • Manual handling equipment:
    • Types of manual handling aids and equipment
    • Maintenance and requirements for testing
  • Manual handling practical sessions:
    • Preparing for a lift
    • Solo fitting, carrying and lowering an object
    • Team manual handling
    • Using equipment

Assessment is in the form of practical observations and a multiple-choice questions paper. It is recommended that this course is undertaken every 3 years to keep current with legislation.

Level 2 Moving People Safely

The QA Level 2 Award in Moving People Safely (QCF) is a regulated and nationally recognized qualification for those who work or intend to work in a role that involves assisting and moving people. It is the perfect course for those working in a variety of health and social care environments such as care homes.

  • Common manual handling
  • Responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Manual handling laws
  • Risk assessments and risk control hierarchy
  • Potential impact on a person if moved incorrectly
  • Personal handling plans
  • Ways to preserve dignity, health, and safety when moving a person
  • Manual handling and the musculoskeletal system including:
    • Centre of gravity
    • Lever system
    • Key movement principles when moving a person
    • Unsafe manoeuvres
  • Aids and equipment used to move people and objects:
    • Types of aids and equipment
    • Maintenance and requirements for testing
  • Practical sessions:
    • Solo moving of people and objects
    • Team moving of people and objects
    • Using aids and equipment

Completing the Course

With a friendly approach to our training, we’re able to negotiate work to suit your requirements. We’re available to provide consistent training for when you wish to take part in various courses and refreshers throughout the year. As a theory-based course, you’ll complete a multiple-choice exam at the end. Prices will vary depending on how far our dedicated trainers have to travel and the style of training that you require.

Our Practical Exercises

As well as studying theory, you’ll take part in various practical assessments. Tailoring what we teach to suit your business, we ensure that all relevant aspects are covered.

During the six hours of training, we’ll demonstrate things such as how to carefully lift, push, or pull objects without causing a serious injury.